StretchClock 1.0

StretchClock 1.0

StretchClock 1.0 Description

Lets face it, working at the computer can take its toll. Chronic pain can even put an end to a lucrative career. These stretches are targeted to provide relief from back, neck, shoulder, and wrist pain. The no-sweat exercises are quick (about one minute each) and they are easy to do at a desk in business attire. Fans of yoga love these stretches. Health nuts and non health nuts have experienced noticeable productivity gains when using StretchClock. It´s not a long or hard workout plan, just a quick relaxing one minute break. You can configure how often you stretch. The exercises are designed to build strength and stamina in the muscles that hold our bodies erect.

This strength is necessary when using a computer for more than one hour at a time. Challenge yourself to use StretchClock for 30 days and see if you feel better and get more done. We think you will love the Return on Investment (ROI). Version 1 has 15 new stretches for back, neck, and shoulder pain.

StretchClock 1.0

Size : 95.9KB
Release Date : 2008-11-06
OS Compatible : Windows Vista
Publisher Website :

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