PureSim Baseball 2007 v1.75

PureSim Baseball 2007 v1.75

PureSim Baseball 2007 v1.75 Description

Ever wonder what it would have been like to see Nolan Ryan pitch against Babe Ruth? To see the 1947 Yankees play against the 2000 Yankees? In PureSim Baseball 2007 anything is possible. You have complete control over the great American past-time.

PureSim Baseball 2007 is the most robust baseball simulation and it lets you deal with almost any option, any design, and any player from 1900 to 2008.

PureSim v1.75 includes all the features of the commercial game, including some new enhancements. We´ve also updated the player database to include 2008 players, so we now have all players and teams included from 1900-2008.


  • New Graphics and Sound! Animated graphical ball flight, ambient sound effects and fireworks celebration add greatly to the in-game experience.
  • All new browsable, automatically generated reference almanac containing thousands of pages of detail and stats for every player and team in league history
  • New multiple levels of minors, A, AA, AAA with minor league roster management and simulation support.
  • Tougher computer GM AI
  • Fully compatible with PureSim 2005. Easily upgrade your existing associations.
  • Full career and aging model with no limit on the number of seasons that can be played out in your universe
  • Unattended auto simulation modes for doing What If? type analysis and experiments
  • Customizable, editable ball parks, change fence dimensions and height, import custom ball park photos, easily configure PureSim´s graphics engine to support any modification you make
  • Support for building Baseball universes with and without economics/salaries, reserve clause contracts, fictional or historical replay modes and more.
  • Tons of reports with almost every stat imaginable, including a full range of sabermetric reports for true Baseball stats geeks!
  • Everything can be edited! Player ratings and stats, association paramaters, team payrolls, regions and more.
  • Comprehensive modding SDK

PureSim Baseball 2007 v1.75

Size : 163.83MB
Release Date : 2009-06-12
OS Compatible : Win 98/ME/2000/XP
Publisher Website : http://www.suldogstudios.com/

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