DeadLine 2.36

DeadLine 2.36

DeadLine 2.36 Description

DeadLine is a program useful for solving equations, plotting graphs and obtaining an in-depth analysis of a function.

Designed especially for students and engineers, the freeware combines graph plotting with advanced numerical calculus, in a very intuitive approach. Most equations are supported, including algebraic equations, trigonometric equations, and exponential equations.

The freeware solves equations graphically and numerically. It displays the graph of the function and a list of the real roots of the equation. It also includes the option to evaluate the function and the first two derivatives, find extrema of the function and integrate numerically. You can even obtain the first two derivatives. Save the results provided by DeadLine and even create projects for future use.

While there is no flawless method for solving equations, the program combines the most successful methods in order to deliver you the right answer.

DeadLine 2.36

Size : 1.39MB
Release Date : 2007-07-13
OS Compatible : Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3
Publisher Website :

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