Aim Ad Hack 6.23

Aim Ad Hack 6.23 Description

Aim Ad Hack will effectively remove all the ads from AIM. Just extract the file into your AIM directory.


  • Removes advertisements from buddy list
  • Blocks Viewpoint Media Player Install
  • Blocks AOL Toolbar Install
  • Blocks AOL Loader Install
  • Blocks Quality Feedback Agent Install
  • Blocks AOL Media Playback Install
  • Blocks homepage change
  • Removes AOL On Desktop (AOL Installer)
  • Removes Triton´s crash reporting tool
  • Removes System Information Utility
  • Removes AOL Browser
  • Removes Plaxo
  • Removes Wild Tanget
  • Removes WeatherBug
  • Removes MySearch toolbar
  • Removes AIM Toolbar
  • Removes AIM Logger
  • Removes Internet Explorer requirement
  • Adds support for Windows 2003 & Vista
  • Optionally disable HostManager from starting up with windows
  • Optionally install AIM Gadgets plugin
  • Optionally install Location Plugin Beta
  • Optionally install Facebook Plugin
  • Optionally install AIM while running AIM Ad Hack

NOTE: Under the new install, if you tell it to NOT install a desktop/start menu icon, and you have one now, it WILL remove it, if you prefer to have a desktop/start menu icon, do NOT select the option to not install one.

Requires: Aim 7.3 Beta 2

Aim Ad Hack 6.23

Size : 833.2KB
Release Date : 2011-04-20
OS Compatible : Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3/Vista/7
Publisher Website :

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